A downloadable game demo for Windows

---Unfortunately the Kickstarter campaign wasn't successful so any further progress on Metanormal is shelved...for now.--

*The demo mainly focuses on introducing the story, environment, and gameplay mechanics. The final version of the game [would have included] complete world exploration and extensive choice making, elements that the demo lack.*

*If you're more interested in the combat rather than the story, you can go to the Stages room from the Main Menu to play through all the enemy fights.*


Due to some unknown phenomenon, the spirits of the world are growing stronger. Unable to move on to the proper afterlife, they've grown restless being trapped in the Spirit Realm. Now that they're out, the strongest wish to terrorize the Human Realm. Some aspire to rule them. Others merely yearn for their destruction.

It's up to Desmond Gates, the boy with the ability to interact with spirits, to restore order. 

By his side are his best friends, Cicilia Shine and Milo Martin.

 Accompanying them on their journey is Otto, a spirit that's been protecting Desmond since he was a child.

Their path will constantly be fraught with danger, having to face a wide variety of opponents.


During combat you are taken out of the world and placed into a bullet-hell stage. Each stage will be unique and modeled around the opponent. Stages could also have sudden changes in combat mechanics, like switching from the usual free-roam to a platformer.

The concept is simple, your goal is to deplete the enemy's health bar before they do the same to you.

You attack by staying on top of a white-bordered object, most commonly a circle. 

You have to stay on it long enough for the white parts to completely disappear to cause damage to the enemy.

That's easier said than done because the enemy will throw everything its got at you to keep you off it.

If you find yourself low on health, chase the green HP Savers.

It's up to you to decide how risky you want to play it.


Metanormal.exe 179 MB


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seems promising.

but it is to badly optimized for it beign a 2D game.

I can't play it.

Hi, what seems to be the problem exactly?
I'm already aware of an issue where some of the effects are too hard on laptops.

I downloaded the game, then I started it.

the game went at something like 14 or 17 frames per seconds.

I changed the graphics, set it to windowed, set to the least quality.

and it didn't change that much.

AMD Radeon(TM) R5 Graphics
Tamaño de memoria - 1024 MB
Type of memory - DDR3
Windows 10 (64 bit)
Sistem memory - 8 GB
CPU type - AMD A8-7410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics

i know my laptop is weak but it can still manage to run other 2D games like momodora or system corrupt.

If my laptop is the problem, then I apologize myself.

Those specs are less than the laptop I use to test the game on to optimize.
It's the effects on the Main Menu that slows down the frame rate. 
Luckily that effect is only used there and in one scene in the story so once you play the Story or go to the Stages room for combat then you should be good for the most part.

Oh ok sorry.

Thanks for your time.